Service Rig Pull Over Incident

DESCRIPTION OF INCIDENT: A service rig and well site pumping unit sustained extensive damage when the rig was pulled over onto its side. The incident occurred when the driver of a tractor trailer picker unit drove over the service rig’s escape line and anchor. The driver’s side front hydraulic stabilizer ram snagged the 9/16 inch escape line. The anchor lodged between the truck’s rear passenger dual tires and mud flap. As the picker truck drove off location, the escape line pulled the rig over. WHAT CAUSED IT: The rig crew was in the process of shutting down operations for the day. The crew moved the crew truck that had been parked on the anchor. In addition, the rig lights had been turned off for the night. This practice is designed to prevent vandalism. The picker truck operator did not complete a job site hazard assessment upon arrival. Job site hazard assessments contain potential hazards and associated controls to prevent incidents. CONTRIBUTING FACTORS INCLUDED: The picker truck driver routinely reversed the unit out and away from the service rig. However, due to dark and foggy conditions, the driver decided to drive his unit forward and around the service rig. An inspection of the picker unit after the incident revealed that the outside lights on the four headlight system were malfunctioning. Only the inside high beam bulbs were working at the time of the incident.

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