Mobile Gas Monitoring

  • Operator on board to track and monitor air quality readings, equipped with satellite, cellular, and radio communications.
  • 4×4 chassis and air suspension for easy access to the roughest terrain.
  • Daily summary reports of measurements and events.
  • Measures H2S with resolutions as low as 1 ppb to a peak scale of 100 ppb.
  • Measures SO2 with resolutions as low as 1 ppb to a peak scale of 500 ppb.
  • Impeller type anemometer with fuselage and tail wind vain.

Mobile Precision Air Quality Monitoring

Our state of the art mobile downwind monitoring units offer a reliable way of measuring low concentrations of SO2 and H2S gases. These vans have been designed with a four wheel drive system to withstand rugged terrain conditions. To ensure quiet operation in highly populated areas, each van has also been equipped with an internal under hood generator. Daily comprehensive reports are generated during the course of a job. On request, On-Site Safety can also give access to live online hourly Emax readings available through our secure site.

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